Shipping Information to USA

Our Shipping Services to the USA

For just £5.11, Megway Parcels offers full tracking for deliveries to any of the 50 US states, including New York and Mississippi.

Choose between our express and economy services to send parcels to the USA, with delivery times ranging from 1-3 days. Whether you're shipping a small package or a large item, we provide convenient options such as door-to-door delivery with collection services or drop-off points located throughout the UK.

Important Pre-Shipment Information for the USA

Megway Parcels can assist with all the necessary paperwork for US shipping. Prior to sending your parcel, check the US Customs website to ensure compliance with their latest regulations on prohibited items. Note that US rules can change frequently, so it's wise to verify even if you've shipped to the USA before. Additionally, avoid shipping on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays to prevent delays.


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Navigating US Customs and Import Taxes

All parcels sent to America must clear customs. With the correct paperwork, your shipment should pass through smoothly. Upon booking with Megway Parcels, we’ll provide all required documents. Be aware that certain items, like food, need extra documentation, which we will also supply. Find out the specific documents required for different shipments to the USA.

Guidelines for Completing a US Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice is crucial. Our booking process simplifies completing this document, but remember to include:

·         Comprehensive contact information for both the sender and recipient. If customs need more information or there are issues with clearance, they will contact the recipient. Ensure all details are accurate, including a US phone number and email, to avoid delays.

·         Detailed item descriptions: List each item separately, including its value, material, and intended use. This helps US Customs understand the parcel contents and speeds up the inspection process.

Understanding Import Taxes and De Minimis Thresholds

Shipments valued under $800 (approximately £586*) to the USA are exempt from duties or taxes. Parcels worth more than $2,500 (around £1,834*) will undergo formal clearance, possibly adding an extra day or two to delivery times. Keep this in mind if timely arrival is critical.

Megway Parcels specializes in international shipping, ensuring all customs requirements are handled efficiently.

*GBP rate may vary with exchange rate fluctuations.

Prohibited Items for Shipping to the USA

The US has specific restrictions on what can be shipped into the country. Megway Parcels provides a comprehensive list of prohibited items, which can be filtered by courier and destination country. Always check this list before shipping.

Please visit the website of US Customs and Border Protection to see the full list of items which are restricted and prohibited to send to the USA.

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