Shipping Information to China

Our Shipping Services to China

Shipping to China might seem challenging, but Megway Parcels makes it straightforward and cost-effective. With postage rates starting as low as £7.99, and express delivery options available, your parcel can arrive in China within 1-3 working days.


We offer a variety of convenient drop-off and collection services for door-to-door delivery, making it easy for you to send parcels at your convenience.

Important Pre-Shipment Information for China

Before sending a parcel to China, it's essential to check the Chinese Customs regulations to ensure your shipment won't face any delays. All parcels to China must pass through customs, but with Megway Parcels, you’ll receive all the necessary documentation to ensure smooth border crossing.

To avoid delays, it's advisable to avoid shipping on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and Chinese national holidays to ensure timely delivery.

For affordable shipping to China and a reliable service, get your quote today or compare our courier options below.

Navigating Chinese Customs and Charges

Clearing customs can be straightforward if you provide the correct documentation, avoid prohibited items, and pay any required taxes and duties. Shipments to China are duty and tax-free if the value is less than ¥500 (about £58*) or if it’s a gift worth less than ¥1000 (about £116*). Shipments valued over ¥1000 will require formal customs clearance, which can take longer, so factor this into your delivery schedule.

The amount of duty and taxes you’ll need to pay depends on the item being shipped, its value, and whether the shipment is from a business or an individual.

Though it might seem complex, booking your postage to China with Megway Parcels ensures you’ll receive all necessary documents, and our couriers can clarify any potential charges.

*GBP rates may vary with exchange rate fluctuations.


Prohibited Items for Shipping to China

China has strict regulations on what can be imported, and the list of restricted items is frequently updated. Always check our prohibited items list before sending international deliveries to ensure compliance.


International Parcel Tracking and Protection

When shipping to China with Megway Parcels, free parcel tracking is included to keep you updated on your package's status. Our Lowest Price Guarantee ensures that if you find a better shipping deal to China, we'll refund you the difference

Most of our courier services include a minimum of £25 parcel protection, safeguarding your shipment against loss or damage. For higher-value items, you can opt for additional parcel protection up to £2500.

Please note that some couriers may not offer protection for certain items being shipped to China. Always verify this by consulting our prohibited items list before shipping.