Shipping Information to Australia

Our Shipping Services to the Australia

Megway Parcels offers cost-effective solutions for sending parcels to Australia, with prices starting from just £16.29. We can deliver your package to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or any other Australian destination in as little as 1-3 days.

We compare various courier services to provide you with the best prices and most reliable options. Choose from express or economy services, with collection or drop-off delivery options. Every parcel includes free tracking, allowing you to monitor your package throughout its journey.

Important Pre-Shipment Information for the Australia

When sending a parcel to Australia from the UK with Megway Parcels, we'll provide all necessary customs documentation. However, we recommend familiarizing yourself with Australia's customs requirements to ensure smooth processing. To avoid delays, consider not shipping on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or public holidays in Australia, as these may extend delivery times.

For a quick quote or to compare shipping prices, visit our website or contact our customer service team.


Navigating Australian Customs and Import Taxes

Shipments to Australia valued under AUD $1,000 (approximately £740*) are exempt from import fees and taxes, except for alcohol. These parcels typically clear customs faster than higher-value shipments.

For shipments valued over AUD $1,000, an Import Declaration is required. Customs will assess this and inform you of any applicable duties and taxes. Delivery will be held until all due taxes are paid.

*Please note that GBP rates may fluctuate with changing conversion rates.

Australian Customs Regulations

Regardless of parcel value, proper paperwork is essential for clearing Australian customs. Australia is known for strict customs standards, so it's crucial to provide a detailed, itemized description of your parcel's contents during the booking process.

Include both the receiver's and sender's full names, as Australian customs requires this information.

At Megway Parcels, we understand the complexities of international shipping. Once you complete your booking, we'll provide all necessary paperwork to ensure smooth customs clearance in Australia.


Please visit these below links to find more detailed information on restricted/prohibited items into Australia.

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